How to mix components to manufacture products to composition specifications at the lowest possible cost (e.g., orange juice formulation, steel blending, and electronic parts procurement)?


OPTIMAL BLENDING applications enable users to determine how to mix components to composition specifications at the lowest cost. Savings are typically 5-10% or more of total recipe costs.

OPTIMAL FORMULATION APPLICATIONS and blending applications are also known as formulation systems and recipe generation systems.

The simplest implementation of an OPTIMAL BLENDING application is solving a single formula. More sophisticated applications model multiple formulas across multiple time frames across multiple plants considering multiple suppliers of ingredients.

OPTIMAL BLENDING applications aid decision makers in optimally purchasing and allocating ingredients to manufacturing and to making final adjustments to recipes to meet quality and composition requirements at the lowest cost. In each step, incremental savings are generated while insuring compliance with quality and regulatory standards.

OPTIMAL ANSWERS has blending applications for several industries including the following:

  • Meat Processing
  • Cheese Processing
  • Ice Cream Manufacturing
  • Juice Processing
  • Foods Processing
  • Food Product Development
  • Animal Feed Rations
  • Mining, including ore blending
  • Alloys

OPTIMAL BLENDING applications include models to address decisions made in all phases of the blending process. Each model generates solutions for minimum cost recipes and includes the optimized bill of materials and constraint solution activities for each formula. Individual models include the following:

  • Product Development
  • Single Product
  • Multi Product
  • Procurement Planning
  • Production Planning
  • Lot Allocation
  • Multi-Level
  • Multi-Site

The basic data modeIed includes the following:

  • Items (Ingredients)
  • Lots (unique occurrences of Items and attributes)
  • Formulas Specifications (Items and Constraints)
  • Input (Formula) Sets (optional)
  • Suppliers (optional)
  • Locations (optional)
  • Time Periods (optional)

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