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Brient’s career includes over 40 years of innovation in three industries: dairy, advertising and media, and computer hardware and software technology. Brient began his career at Mayfield Dairy Farms, a successful family dairy products company where he also served on its Board of Directors until the company was sold to Dean Foods in 1991. Brient’s technology companies developed computer systems for food product formulation, process control, financial management, and route optimization. Brient also co-founded 13-30 Corporation, the predecessor to Whittle Communications. At Whittle Communications, Brient was Vice President and Publisher of the magazine, Tennessee Illustrated. Brient founded Optimal Answers, and the Optimal family of innovative decision optimization software solutions is his vision. Brient has a Bachelor’s degree in Dairy Manufacturing from The University of Tennessee.

Kevin is a proven leader with over 40 years of experience managing and delivering business and information technology solutions; he possesses a unique blend of entrepreneurial spirit combined with a deep passion for both technology and business. His skills include executive management, product management, sales and marketing. He has a BA in Marketing from St. Mary’s University. His experience includes Owner/President of Prosperitas Solutions, Senior Vice President of the Category Management Association, and while with Prosperitas he was contracted as Vice President of Sales and Business Development with SLICE Intelligence; Executive Vice President of Business Development with CPG Toolbox, And Executive Vice President of Business Development with Total Dynamic Solutions, National Sales Manager of Land O Lakes Corporation, Vice President of Sales and New Business Development of SoftCoin, Inc and Executive Vice President of Sales for Spectra, a Nielsen Company.

Carlo brings expertise in data science, quantitative methods, mathematical modeling, data mining, statistical analysis and optimization to Optimal Answers. He blends his expertise and business acumen to deliver unique solutions that include: innovative software, scientific research, business value insights and strategy, development of best practices, supply chain optimization, forecasting, and predictive and prescriptive analytics. With more than 10 years of proven leadership experience, Carlo leads a talented team of designers, engineers and developers at Optimal Answers. Carlo received a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics and a Master’s degree in Production Systems from Tecnológico de Monterrey. In addition, Carlo received a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and a PhD in Supply Chain from the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology.