Where Should New Facilities be Located to have the Lowest Cost Delivery of Products?

OPTIMAL SITE LOCATION APPLICATIONS enable users to determine where to locate manufacturing and warehouse facilities to meet customer demands at the minimum cost considering the capital cost of new facilities. Typical savings are 3% or more of the total supply chain cost.

An implementation of an OPTIMAL SITE LOCATION APPLICATION is locating a manufacturing facility closer to customers to reduce distribution costs or closer to raw material supply to reduce cost of goods.

OPTIMAL SITE LOCATION APPLICATIONS provide decision support in any industry addressing the location of manufacturing and distribution facilities.


Configurations of the application are provided in the following configurations:
  • Site Location for Minimum Cost considering capital costs
  • Site Location for Maximum Profit considering capital costs
  • Facility Production Line Enhancement considering capital costs

  • The basic data modeIed includes the following:
  • Cost and impact of each site
  • Raw material costs and BOM
  • Line Operating rates and costs
  • Shipping costs to all warehouses and markets
  • Warehouse capacities and storage costs
  • Customer demands by markets with prices

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