What sequence of events over time meets the schedule requirements and is least expensive (e.g., how to schedule product assembly in furniture manufacturing)?


OPTIMAL SCHEDULING applications enable users to determine the sequence of events for processing products which is minimum cost. Savings are typically 5-10% or more of total schedule plan costs.

An implementation of the OPTIMAL SCHEDULING application is the manufacturing of products through a multiple step process with multiple resources for each product to meet production requirements at the total minimum cost considering such data as each of the cost of resources (equipment, production step, etc.) and product requirements having different required completion times.

OPTIMAL SCHEDULING applications provide decision support to address scheduling problems most manufacturing industries.


Optimal Scheduling applications includes the following configurations: Staff Scheduling Production Scheduling Job Shop Scheduling.

The basic data modeled includes the following: Resource requirements by demand source Process Schedule Steps capacities and costs Job Shop departments capacities and costs.

Questions Addressed:

  • PRODUCTION SCHEDULING. How to sequence the entry of products into a multiple step manufacturing process?
  • MULTI RESOURCE SCHEDULING. How to schedule among multiple processing resources with various capacities, costs, etc. to have the lowest overall cost?
  • PRODUCTION WITH CHANGEOVERS. How to schedule production with product demands and setup and changeover costs for each product in each process step and with each resource?
  • JOB SHOP SCHEDULING. How to schedule production of job shop orders at minimum cost to meet delivery times and best utilize department resources?
  • CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT SCHEDULING. How to schedule equipment among several construction projects to maintain schedule at the lowest cost?
  • PERSONNEL SCHEDULING. How to schedule personnel to meet shift demands at least cost and comply with personnel availability? What staff schedule through a 24/7 period of weeks satisfies staffing demands on each shift and balances the work schedules of persons by week?
  • HIRING PLAN. When to hire personnel to meet project personnel demands at lowest cost considering personnel skills required?

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