What mix of products made from shared resources yields the greatest profit (e.g., what inventory of each video generates the greatest income; what purchase of advertising reaches the greatest audience)?


OPTIMAL PRODUCT MIX applications enable users to determine what mix of products to sell to maximize profit; the application is particularly usage when limited capacities exists to purchase or manufacture all of the products that can be sold. Profit improvement is typically 5-10% or more of total financial value optimized.

An implementation of an OPTIMAL PRODUCT MIX application is determination of the mix of products to manufacture considering manufacturing costs and limits and market demands and prices.

OPTIMAL PRODUCT MIX applications are particularly valuable selecting the products to manufacturing, purchase, and sell in most industries.


OPTIMAL PRODUCT MIX applications include several configurations:

  • Product Mix with manufacturing and/or inventory resource limits
  • Product Mix with multiple price and demand levels
  • Product Mix within a Supply Chain

The basic data modeIed includes the following:

  • Market demand by various Item prices
  • Manufacturing or purchase costs of Items
  • Business resource limits such as materials, manufacturing capacity, or funds available for inventory purchases.

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