Which assignment of resources to specified demands meets the demands at the lowest cost without assigning a resource more than once (e.g., tollbooth staffing to meet peak demands, site selection for retail stores)?


OPTIMAL ASSIGNMENT applications enable users to determine the assignment of resources to meet specified demands at the minimum cost or maximum profit. Typical savings are 5-10% or more of the total costs of the resources.

An implementation of the OPTIMAL ASSIGNMENT application is the allocation of persons with various skills and costs to projects based on skills required for each project. Such a problem may be optimized for minimum cost to complete the projects, maximum satisfaction for the persons assigned to the projects, or for maximizing total skill level assigned to all of the projects.

OPTIMAL ASSIGNMENT applications enable decision makers to reduce the use of resources to meet requirements or to maximize a parameter influencing the outcome of the assignments.


OPTIMAL ASSIGNMENT applications include the following configurations:

  • Assignment System
  • Multiple Period Model

The data modeled includes the following:

  • Items for selection
  • Demands for Items
  • Rules for compliance
  • Attributes of Items with respect to the rules

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