What packing of items meet requirements at the lowest cost considering space and minimum handling (e.g., what boxes should be included in each route to minimize the number of trucks)?


OPTIMAL PACKING applications enable users to determine the packing of items in containers to meet specified demands at the minimum cost or maximum profit. Typical savings are 5-10% or more of the total costs of the resources.

An implementation of the OPTIMAL PACKING application is the allocation of delivery items to a truck to minimize the number of trips required for the deliveries.

OPTIMAL PACKING applications are used in many industries where container or vehicle loads decisions are made. Also, OPTIMAL PACKING applications are used to allocate merchandising space for goods sold in retail stores.


OPTIMAL PACKING applications include the following configurations:

  • Single container packing
  • Multiple container packing
  • Multiple container packing with urgency requirements
  • Container packing to achieve greatest value
  • Container packing to maximize the number of items

The data modeled includes the following:

  • Items to be packed and urgency of delivery
  • Item attributes including volume and weight
  • Container capacities
  • Other rules for compliance

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