While optimization technology is quite sophisticated, Optimal applications are designed to enable users to have the benefits of the technology without having to understand its complexity. We achieve this ease-of-use for our customers because we have created a platform from which we can rapidly develop packaged optimization applications. Unlike most optimization application software companies, we own our modeling program and linear and integer solvers.

The Optimal technology has a rich heritage. Our optimization modeler and linear and integer solvers are from our Ketron Optimization division. These solvers drive solving large and complex optimization applications in business and government for thousands of users all over the world. In one implementation, the technology solves a bid allocation problem addressing $140 billion of purchases annually. In another implementation, the technology is used to solve a 100 year model for forest management.

The application interface was designed by our development team which collectively has many decades of experience in developing packaged optimization applications. This team is committed to developing applications that provide the ultimate experience to optimization application users and administrators.


Optimal application features include the following:

  • Optimal applications use the Microsoft SQL Server database. The database is the responsibility of the customer.
  • Customizable user forms
  • SQL Server Integration Services (features included depend on the customer SQL license)
  • SQL Server Reporting Services (features included depend on the customer SQL license)
  • Applications include English and one other language.
  • Applications are packaged; no custom code required
  • Optimal Applications incorporate the Optimal Answers optimization technology
  • Optimal applications are deployed via Microsoft’s Azure cloud, private enterprise networks, or single PCs.