About Us

Optimal Answers Optimizing Everything!

The Optimal rapidly evolving family of decision optimization solutions enables optimizing decisions for common problems in business, government, and personal lives… indeed, optimizing everything concerning common decision support needs.

More literally, Optimal Answers LLC develops and markets a broad line of decision optimization software solutions. Our products enable users to solve a wide range of problems, save money, increase profit, and enjoy greater fulfillment and/or satisfaction.

Company for Decision Optimization

Optimal Answers has designed its products to provide decision guidance for a range of decision support needs through its cloud based Decision Optimization applications. Optimal Answers provides its customers with applications that…

Why Optimal Answers?

Optimal Answers is what we do! Our Optimal platform generates optimal answers for most business decisions. If you have an important decision support need, we want you to think

Optimal's Technology

While optimization technology is quite sophisticated, Optimal applications are designed to enable users to have the benefits of the technology without having to understand its complexity. We achieve this ease-of-use for our customers through our easy-to-use interface as well as our proprietary modeling program and linear and integer solvers. Linear programming is considered the most powerful of all quantitative decision support methods.

Optimal is cloud based thus facilitating rapid deployment and support, eliminating most IT support costs, and enabling regular, non-disruptive updates. Flexible integration through utilities and an API plus automated solving enable tight connectivity with ERP and other IT systems.

The Optimal technology used in business and government for thousands of users all over the world. Optimal provides decision support in problems involving billions of dollars or the selection of Christmas gifts based on a budge and preferences.