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Gulfport, MS USA
09 October 2023

Opt-it! Campaign presents the benefits of decision optimization for business, government, and people.

Optimization Solutions

Optimal Answers provides top-notch decision optimization solutions, catering to a wide range of decision support requirements. Users of their applications usually achieve savings of 5-10%, and sometimes even more. You

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Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management demands a myriad of talents for operational oversight, data analysis, and strategic planning to meet ongoing demands efficiently. Looking to enhance operational efficiency, streamline processes, and boost

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Shocks and Disruptions

Logistic challenges like environmental restrictions, delays, rising freight costs, sourcing difficulties, and labor shortages can make finding solutions daunting. Can your business withstand shocks and minimize disruptions while staying profitable?

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Best Decision Support

You face challenging questions. Yet, most decision support means are flawed and provide suboptimal solutions. AI does not work well using forward focused, math-based decisions. Spreadsheets often contain hidden errors

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Industries Evolve

As industries evolve due to technology, demographics, and government policies, supply chains and operations need to adapt for improved performance and innovation. Instead of relying solely on spreadsheets for solutions,

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Supply Chain Challenges

If you’re a supply chain manager, the pressure of staying ahead of the competition, juggling multiple initiatives, and navigating through constant disruptions is real. Finding the right balance between profitability,

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Optimized Savings Analysis

Why do you need an Optimized Savings Analysis? To see if the proposed approach produces better decisions that result in improved performance. Why rely on guessing or spreadsheets which can

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Global Network

The food industry is a multifaceted and global network encompassing a wide array of businesses. From small, traditional, family-run operations to large, mechanized industrial processes, the industry is incredibly diverse.

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Optimize Your Resources!

You face challenging questions about your supply chain. How can you easily and effectively manage improve supply chain, manage supply risk more, and protect revenue and reputation? Optimize your resources!

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Optimization and Logistics

With the rise of modern technology and interconnected digital systems, handling large amounts of data has never been more crucial. Leveraging cloud services, smart technologies, or AI are all viable

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Spreadsheet Reference Errors

Most spreadsheet errors stem from math and reference errors, often hidden and challenging to detect. With an error rate of about 1% per cells, even a 10 by 10 matrix

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Complex Supply Chains

With the complexity of supply chains on the rise, businesses need faster decision-making tools to keep up. Unfortunately, most decision support means are flawed and provide suboptimal solutions. From guessing

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Cutting Expenses

Looking to save money? Don’t fall into the trap of cutting expenses that end up costing you more in the long run. One way to optimize your supply chain and

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Data Analysis

Looking for ways to save money for your company? Optimal Answers data analysis software makes it easy to compare your current system with a more desirable one and generate a

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The Opt-it! Campaign presents the benefits of decision optimization. Optimal means “as perfect as possible.” Decision optimization means to make a decision as perfect as possible, that is, selecting the single best solution among many feasible solutions that comply with all decision rules. Decision optimization typically achieves for users measurable financial and other benefits.

The campaign presents examples of decision support needs throughout business, government, and personal lives; explains differences among decision support means; and, offers decision optimization software applications for evaluation.

Campaign Overview

The Opt-it! Campaign explains decision optimization with examples such as decisions for what to buy, what to sell, which plan to pursue, how to schedule, etc.

The Campaign compares various decision support means including guessing, spreadsheets, artificial intelligence, and ERP systems. Discussed is avoiding suboptimal solutions from decision optimization systems addressing only a portion of the actual decision.

The Campaign provides sample decision optimization applications for evaluation. These applications include Inventory Management and/or Procurement, Product Mix and/or Pricing, Shipping, Supply Chain Planning, Production Scheduling, Routing, Seating, and Purchasing.

About Optimal Answers

Optimal Answers is the Go To Company for Decision Optimization Solutions. Optimal Answers has a broad family of Decision Optimization Applications addressing most any type of common decision support need. Optimal Applications achieve savings, typically 5-10%, often more. What will your savings be? A Savings Analysis proves payback.

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