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Gulfport, MS USA
09 October 2023

Opt-it! Campaign presents the benefits of decision optimization for business, government, and people.

Changing Suppliers

Selecting new suppliers can be a daunting task. There are many moving pieces involved, such as establishing trust, leaving former relationships, and learning new processes. But what if there was

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Increase Performance

Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door. At Optimal Answers, we couldn’t agree more. Spreadsheets can be problematic, and that’s why we offer

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Decision Support

Addressing the need for a better solution to decision making support, Optimal Answers replaces flawed, error-ridden, non-optimizing spreadsheets with an easy to use, optimization-driven, database-architecture that empowers users to better

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Decision Optimization

Optimal Answers is the Go To Company for Decision Optimization Solutions. Optimal Answers has a broad family of Decision Optimization Applications addressing most any type of common decision support need.

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Bill of Materials

An accurate Bill of Materials is vital to any successful business. Without it, production can come to a halt, causing a domino effect of increased operating costs, as time is

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AI, Spreadsheets or Optimization

You need to develop a more resilient supply chain. Are the current tools right for your business? AI might not be your best solutions especially with complex math problems. Spreadsheets

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Better Decision Making

Supply chain management can be a daunting task, especially when profit margins are tight. Optimal Answers offers the best Decision Support Software to help you make informed decisions. Your choices

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Better Decision Making

Studies show that even the most careful spreadsheet users can make errors, and a staggering 90% of spreadsheets contain mistakes. These errors can cost your business significant amounts of money.

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AI and Management Responsibility

With the rise of AI, businesses must incorporate new approaches to achieve their goals. Management now has an additional responsibility to direct and understand these approaches. This is especially important

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Strict Quality Control

Do you have wide variations in your finished product? Are your calculations always correct? Spreadsheets can be messy and costs can change rapidly from day to day. Why not try

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Unique Software

Optimal Answers has developed a unique family of decision optimization software that employs the user’s current data and optimization technology to deliver the best solutions to reduce costs and increase

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Who has the time?

Overcomplicated formulas can bog down your workbook, making it difficult to read and taking much longer to calculate. Who has the time to deal with that? The solution to your

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Procurement Problems

Optimal Answers’ optimization-based, rule-driven bill-of-materials generator may be the solution to your inventory management and procurement problems. Our tool identifies savings that you never knew were there, resulting in a

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Performance Indicators

Keep your supply chain running smoothly with Optimal Answers. Our real-time data insights on key performance indicators empower decision-makers with actionable information to enhance production efficiency, reduce downtime, and minimize

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Complex Math

Is your business struggling with complex problems that lack clear solutions? While AI may be suitable for businesses with well-defined mathematical problems, optimization may be the clear winner for businesses

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The Opt-it! Campaign presents the benefits of decision optimization. Optimal means “as perfect as possible.” Decision optimization means to make a decision as perfect as possible, that is, selecting the single best solution among many feasible solutions that comply with all decision rules. Decision optimization typically achieves for users measurable financial and other benefits.

The campaign presents examples of decision support needs throughout business, government, and personal lives; explains differences among decision support means; and, offers decision optimization software applications for evaluation.

Campaign Overview

The Opt-it! Campaign explains decision optimization with examples such as decisions for what to buy, what to sell, which plan to pursue, how to schedule, etc.

The Campaign compares various decision support means including guessing, spreadsheets, artificial intelligence, and ERP systems. Discussed is avoiding suboptimal solutions from decision optimization systems addressing only a portion of the actual decision.

The Campaign provides sample decision optimization applications for evaluation. These applications include Inventory Management and/or Procurement, Product Mix and/or Pricing, Shipping, Supply Chain Planning, Production Scheduling, Routing, Seating, and Purchasing.

About Optimal Answers

Optimal Answers is the Go To Company for Decision Optimization Solutions. Optimal Answers has a broad family of Decision Optimization Applications addressing most any type of common decision support need. Optimal Applications achieve savings, typically 5-10%, often more. What will your savings be? A Savings Analysis proves payback.

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