& Team

Brient Mayfield


Brient’s career includes over 40 years of innovation in three industries: dairy, advertising and media, and computer hardware and software technology.

Brient began his career at Mayfield Dairy Farms, a successful family dairy products company where he also served on its Board of Directors until the company was sold to Dean Foods in 1991.

Brient’s technology companies developed computer systems for food product formulation, process control, financial management, and route optimization. Brient also co-founded 13-30 Corporation, the predecessor to Whittle Communications.

At Whittle Communications, Brient was Vice President and Publisher of the magazine, Tennessee Illustrated. Brient founded Optimal Answers, and the Optimal family of innovative decision optimization software solutions is his vision. Brient has a Bachelor’s degree in Dairy Manufacturing from The University of Tennessee.

Milton Segarra


Milton’s career includes 35 year of building businesses and scaling revenues in technology and medical industries as well as in government roles. Milton has managed organizations with as many as 2,000 employees and is a renown marketing executive.

Milton has been CEO of Coastal Mississippi, CEO of Meet Puerto Rico, VP Business Development and Marketing Grupo HIMA San Pablo, CEO Nova Infusion, and Secretary of Commerce for Puerto Rico.

Milton has a BS from The University of Puerto Rico; graduate courses at Cornell University in Hotel Management and at Ashridge Business Institute in UK as well as other Executive Education programs.

Bill Walter


Bill is the development leader of the Optimal product. He has extensive experience creating optimization-based computer solutions and is expert in Microsoft technology.

Bill was development manager for a process control company and previously worked at the Oak Ridge National Lab where he managed software teams and contracted projects with private companies.

Bill has a BS in Aerospace Engineering, a JD, and MBA from The University of Tennessee.

Steve Guillen

VP Customer Service

Steve brings a wealth of experience and expertise accumulated over two decades of dedicated service in the Air Force, followed by impactful roles within federal executive agencies and the private sector.

With a 20-year tenure in the Air Force, Steve held the position of Chief of Communications and Information Technology, where his leadership played a pivotal role in advancing critical infrastructure and strategic communications capabilities.

As Regional IT Coordinator, Steve’s commitment to excellence shone through in the Department of State and the Department of Labor. In these capacities, he demonstrated the ability to navigate complex organizational landscapes while implementing innovative IT solutions to enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Steve has a Bachelor of Science in IT – Systems Development and an MBA with a concentration in IT Management.

Our Development Team

Joe Creegan
Director Applications Development

Joe designed and programmed most of the mathematical models for Optimal. He has decades of experience in operations research and computer science, technical administration, system analysis, and the design and implementation of applications and operating systems.

Among the models Joe created is LOPTIS, a sophisticated supply chain model used by a national brewery.

Joe has a BS in Mathematics from the Univ. of Maryland.

Tom Dehne
VP Operations Research

Tom manages the Optimal optimization technology and develops optimization models. He has decades of experience in operations research and computer science.

Tom has designed and coded many models including one that optimizes the management of forests over a 60-year horizon.

Tom has BA in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and an MBA in Management Science and Operations Research from the Univ. of Michigan.

Bobby Lopez
Support - Specialist

Robin Kirkey
Marketing Automation Specialist

Steve Guillen
Senior Project Manager

Ketty Acosta
Executive Assistant

Susan Nielsen

Pranitha Penta