Technology & Configurations


Optimal Technology

While optimization technology is quite sophisticated, Optimal applications are designed to enable users to have the benefits of the technology without having to understand its complexity. In a sense, Optimal is a GPS for decision support; provide the data, say what you want to know, optimize, and the solutions will be presented. Of course, the more data associated with the problem the more tables and records to manage.


The Optimal interface has many features to facilitate ease-of-use. While these features vary by application, generally, the following apply:


Each Optimal application is tightly designed for a specific industry with a set of optimizing models, problem specific mathematics, and other essential features. The result is a system that exactly meets your needs.

Entry Level to Enterprise Configurations
Applications developed for an industry and problem (model) type include a series of configurations that increase the scope of the optimization and features in the application. This provides for less expensive entry level applications as well as more sophisticated configurations that scale up to enterprise level applications.

Configurations for most applications include the following:

Product Pricing

Most Optimal Solutions are sold as annual or multi-year subscriptions. Subscriptions for a specific application are priced based on the set of models included in the subscription, special constraints for the problem addressed, territory factors, the number of users and sites, and other factors.

Subscriptions include the following: