Optimal Answers kicks off Opt-it! Campaign to show the benefits of decision optimization for business, government, and people

The Optimal Answers Opt-it! Campaign explains decision optimization with examples what to buy, what to sell, which plan to pursue, how to schedule, etc.

Optimal means “as perfect as possible.” Decision optimization means to make a decision as perfect as possible, that is, selecting the single best solution among many potential solutions that comply with all decision rules. Decision optimization typically achieves for users measurable savings and other benefits.

The Campaign compares various decision support means including guessing, spreadsheets, artificial intelligence, and ERP systems and discusses avoiding suboptimal solutions from decision optimization systems, addressing only a portion of the actual decision. It also has sample decision optimization applications for evaluation, which include Inventory Management and/or Procurement, Product Mix and/or Pricing, Shipping, Supply Chain Planning, Production Scheduling, Routing, Seating, and Purchasing.

Decision support is needed throughout business, government and personal lives, and through the campaign, potential users will have the opportunity to try the decision optimization software applications for themselves.

Optimal Answers is the Go To Company for Decision Optimization Solutions. Optimal Answers has a broad family of Decision Optimization Applications addressing most any type of common decision support need. Optimal Applications achieve savings, typically 5-10%, often more. What will your savings be? A Savings Analysis proves payback.
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